We know that you have to expect the unexpected. When it comes to protecting and saving lives, there are many challenges. When answering those challenges, you depend on your knowledge and the quality of your equipment. That’s why Dräger is driven to prepare and protect you for any mission – and for the work in between.


Our Strengths


Our solutions are both ergonomic and intuitive. The equipment is easy to use and handle, helping you to quickly form a sense of familiarity with your gear. Our systems are highly adjustable and available in different sizes, always offering a perfect fit. Lightweight materials and balanced weight distribution offers the wearer less physical stress and fatigue so they are always ready for the next call.


Designed to support your procedures. Our solutions provide enhanced situational awareness by collecting, connecting and processing all information from an incident site. The equipment is designed so the information is accessible to all team members – anywhere and anytime. Interference and acoustic feedback is filtered out to ensure clear voice communication even in the loudest environments. Whether you are at the incident scene or at the fire station later on, data is securely transmitted to protect the crucial information you need to do your job.


Designed with your hazards in mind. You need to act fast and limit exposure time to your job’s various hazards, that’s why our systems offer extra robustness and ultimate flexibility. Products are designed with a deep understanding of your unique mission and tasks, ensuring a truly user-centric system approach. Our equipment is tested under real conditions to provide reliability in all the different scenarios you face. Our commitment to utilizing the latest technological innovations ensures your equipment will meet and exceed current standards.


Designed for maximum uptime. Our products are simple to maintain and designed with quick turnaround times in mind. Low-absorbing and easy-to-clean-and-dry products minimise the cleaning effort onsite and in the workshop. Technicians receive guided readiness validation to prevent test or assembly mistakes - ensuring high efficiency and quality. Various tagging technologies, including RFID, eases the documentation of relevant service tasks and tracks device location, giving you a reliable picture of your state of readiness.

Our Products

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Rescue & Escape Devices
Communication Unit

Our Solutions


The need to respond to an emergency can happen at any moment. Being prepared is key. That’s why we offer a wide range of training systems designed to keep you ready to safely complete any mission.


No two firefighting operations are the same. However, one thing always remains constant: in order to save lives, firefighters must first protect their own lives. Therefore, the equipment they select has to be robust, reliable and fail-safe even in demanding conditions, and firefighters must be familiar with their equipment.


We know that your job doesn’t end when the rescue is finished. For this reason, we support you with tailor‐made services and workshop solutions for an optimised workflow and equipment maintenance. This assists you to reduce your overall cost of ownership while getting the most out of your budget.