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Oftentimes, companies don’t consider the actual cost of compressed air; they may consider the cost of the machine, but rarely is the cost of running that machine taken into account. Because of this, we often see compressed air systems that are highly inefficient, potentially costing a business lakhs of rupees. Compressed air audit services allow you to assess the cost of running your machine, as well as identify areas in which you can streamline and improve the efficiency of your system to save you money.

Compressed air audit services from Compressed Air Systems begin with one of our systems specialists coming to your site. This experienced and knowledgeable technician examines your compressed air system for everything from holes in the pipes and hoses to inadequate fittings to overuse of the machine. Our compressed air audit services often reveal that a machine is being run unnecessarily, costing the company electricity, or that the pipes making up the system have leaks or other issues that reduce the efficiency of the machine and require it to work harder. By identifying these issues with our compressed air audit services, you can address them and save you and your company money, potentially adding up to tens of lakhs of rupees a year. To further save you money, our compressed air audit services are offered as a rebate when you choose to purchase or rent machinery from us.


Did you know:

  • 15% of industrial electricity generates compressed air.
  • 90% of input energy is discharged as waste heat.
  • 73% of the cost of a compressor is due to energy use.
  • 50% of compressed air can be wasted through leaks.
  • In fact, over 10 years, the energy cost may be 10 – 30 times the initial capital cost.

If your system is not running as well as it is intended to, then you are most likely using more electricity than you ought to be using. Wasting energy is wasting money.

What you don’t measure, you can’t improve. How much could you save?

An audit can identify sources of leakage, as well as other factors that are reducing your system’s efficiency. Our personnel are Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals with completed training. Our expert recommendations could save lakhs of rupees from your operating costs each year.

GA 160 oil injected screw air compressor - monitoring system

Our Solution


Collect and log system operational data


Determine equipment and capabilities


Develop baseline of demand and performance


Review appropriate service regime


Uncover compressed air issues


Resolve & Monitor

Industry Benefits

Save Money

If your system is not running as well as it is intended to, then you are most likely using more electricity than you ought to be using. Wasting energy is wasting money.


Though necessary for many different applications and industries, compressed air can lead to a wide range of issues. Even water vapor can cause trouble for air motors and specialty compressed air applications. Whether working in the medical field or soda manufacturing, high-performance systems designed for optimal purity are critical.


In medical and dental fields, compressed air purity is critically important, helping to ensure optimal safety, performance, and quality throughout sensitive processes. It’s therefore crucial to make use of reliable, high-performance systems and the cleanest, driest air possible.