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Close cooperation with end users has given us a unique understanding of the interaction between asset components and industrial processes. Today, we are leveraging this knowledge to provide value at every stage of an asset’s life cycle. We optimise equipment design and operation over its entire service life cycle. Proven effective in our own partner factories worldwide, our solutions are also proving valuable to customers nationwide.

Profitability through reliability

Every industry has its unique challenges, but virtually all industries share the goals of increased machine uptime, reduced maintenance, improved safety, energy savings and lower Total Cost of Ownership. With expertise in a wide range of disciplines and decades of experience as a technical partner to both equipment manufacturers and end users in every major industry, we deliver not just products but total integrated solutions that help our customers achieve their goals.

Maximizing performance

Increased flow and head Bearings and related components, including lubricants and sealing systems, are important factors in maximizing performance.

Modularity is key

To stay competitive, manufacturers need to incorporate modular designs and limit design variations while covering the entire requirement.

SKF experience can help

Our extensive knowledge and experience led to a range of performance-enhancing solutions and/or downsizing assemblies that can assist your operation. Our engineers can analyze all factors in the assembly – bearings arrangements, lubricants and other components – to identify the potentials of the plant and support manufacturers to help ensure best results.

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Our Solutions

Test Designs Virtually

Optimize Systems

Speed Up Design

Solutions To Reduce Time

Reduce Components

Improve Reliability

Reduce Warranty Claims

Global Footprint

Minimize Costs

Bearing Re-man Experience For Daurala Sugar
Bearing Re-man Experience For Daurala Sugar

Industry Benefits

Field Performance

Today’s farmers are looking to manufacturers to help them optimize productivity. Increasingly, farmers are moving toward technology-enabled “smart” farming techniques that require integrated, sensorized bearing units.

This growing demand for greater precision, productivity and sustainability means today’s manufacturers are developing products with increased machine speed and efficiency, reduced or eliminated maintenance and downtime, and more automated and GPS driven processes. In turn, many OEMs are collaborating with suppliers and engineering partners like us to design new equipment that can help farmers.


Agriculture is increasingly moving toward technology-enabled “precision” farming techniques. We are facilitating this shift with a range of integrated, sensorized units. Backed by decades of farming application knowledge and multiple areas of expertise, Our Agri Solutions are helping OEMs to design and build more productive, reliable, ergonomic equipment.

When farm equipment fails, unplanned downtime means lost productivity, plus costly replacement parts and manpower. By analyzing your design from an all-around systems level, We can help you build-in greater reliability – and greater value – for farmers.

Various solutions are designed to work together to increase machine life and efficiency. The result? Higher productivity, lower maintenance costs and ultimately, higher farm profits.
Reduce Environmental Impact
Capable of delivering several in-the-field benefits, our solutions are helping to reduce the environmental effects of farming in several ways.

Eco-friendly components include sealed-for-life, relubrication-free hub units that reduce grease usage and potential spills. Electromechanical actuation minimizes or eliminates the use of hydraulics - and the risk of fluid leaks. Sensorized control units conserve resources by enabling precision steering, spraying, seeding, tillage applications, and many others. We are also helping OEMs to develop these greener solutions affordably, in accordance with all relevant regulations and requirements.
Reduce Maintenance
Integrated, preassembled solutions help cut maintenance costs for operators and OEMs.

By eliminating the need for disassembly and relubrication, robust, integrated solutions help reduce maintenance demands and increase service life. They also simplify assembly and reduce warranty claims and costs for OEMs.

From sealed-for-life bearing units to automated, centralized lubrication systems, our solutions offers a range of ways to extend machine service life, reduce operating costs and drive productivity.