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We provide solutions and services that enable power generation plants and fleets to perform efficiently, reliably, continuously and cost-effectively.

How do we do this?

Through a unique combination of innovation and experience. As the power generation industry changes, so too do our customer's need, as so too do the ways we go above and beyond your system's requirements.

Energising Your Operation

Our mobility solutions provide access for people. We help architects, owners and builders add value to any building type – from first sketches in planning to operation and modernization. Our products, technologies and services are recognized as a benchmark for quality and safety. Products such as Schindler's elevators, escalators and moving walks. No wonder a billion people worldwide trust Schindler to move them each day.

Our excitation system sits right at the core of any power generation plant. It is in fact in charge of producing the direct current that generates the magnetic field that, which controls the machine terminal voltage, thus reactive power to the network. Fast and dynamic control of the magnetic field enables stable control even in case of severe network faults.


Why Us?


Industry Benefits

Integrated Solutions

Solutions for tomorrow, today!

You need your plant to be at the forefront of a constantly evolving power market. We provide industry-leading solutions for industry-leading plants. As the power generation industry becomes more efficient, your plant needs to do the same. You need reliability. You need consistently available energy. And you need your plant to accomplish all of this in a heavily regulated market. We provide solutions to achieve this, and we provide support for our solutions too. From security solutions that enhance reliability and minimize risk, to skills support that builds competence within your plant, we systematically enhance our systems to create a comprehensive, effective solution for your power plant.


Continued support for continuous power supply

You need a service provider with extensive industry knowledge and acumen. We understand what power generation services are necessary for market leaders, and meet your ever-evolving requirements. The power generation industry is changing rapidly, but what you can rely on staying the same is our commitment to providing you with industry-leading services. Using our expertise and extensive engineering resources, we also provide service support to ensure your operations continue reliably and according to planned maintenance. By regularly updating your electrical control and instrumentations systems we minimize your energy use and prolong the operating life of your assets, which ultimately reduces your operational costs. And with over 125 years of industry experience for brands like ABB, and one of the largest installed bases in the world, we help you comply with regulations and lead the market at the same time.