How can we help?

S Balaji Mech Tech specialises in ball screw repair services that will reduce a customer’s machine downtime to an absolute minimum. We have the largest ball screw repair selection of sizes of ball bearings of any ball screw company in the world, with .0001 inch increments for nearly all standard sizes. This ensures the possibility of a reload or minor repair for any manufacturer's ball screw received.

Qualified, experienced engineers and technicians provide the know how to round out the team required to give the fastest expedited ball screw service in the industry, including overnight and same-day turnaround in many instances.

What is Ball Screw?

Ball screws assemblies offer an efficient means of converting rotary motion to linear motion. A ball screw is an improvement over an acme screw just as an antifriction ball bearing is an improvement over a plain bushing. Precision ball screws have a number of bearing balls that transfer the load between the nut and screw. The thread form in which the bearing balls ride is an ogival shape formed from two arcs of the same radius with offset centers. This form is also referred to as a gothic arch.


Our Solutions

Minor Repair

Minor wear condition can be corrected properly by reloading the nut & screw with over-sized balls. Choosing between rebuilding or replacing can often be a difficult decision for you to make & we are here to make that decision easy.

Ball Screw Reload

The ball screw is cleaned and completely inspected. Bearing journals are inspected for proper size and critical runout and concentricity to the screw diameter.  Worn bearings need to be corrected for the ball screw to function properly.

Rebuilding Ball Screws

Our rebuilt ball screws will look and perform as well as a new one. We have developed a successful repair process that sets us apart from our competition. This allows us to offer our customers the best value and unbeatable turn around time.

Industry benefits


We are the leader in servicing ball screws and lead screws across many industries. We have a solid track record of the highest quality and fastest delivery of any ball screw manufacturer or repair service.


We have been highly trained to meet the needs and requirements of many diverse industries. We have extensive knowledge in machine tool applications involving turning, milling, drilling, high speed machining, grinding, mold/press machines, transfer machines, lift systems, contour machining, routers, and many others.


We offer engineered solutions to difficult ball screw applications. Decades of ball screw design experience in machine tool applications and troubleshooting to assist in improving your machines performance.