How can we help?

Due to the heavy nature of the steel industry we are always available to ensure maximum uptime and to increase efficiency.

Our Clients:

  • Jindal Steel
  • Jindal Industry
  • JSW Steel
  • Surya Roshni

About Our Products

From heat to contamination, we understand the extreme conditions that the steel industry faces. Using our metallurgical and mechanical systems expertise, we deliver products tough enough to perform reliably in such harsh environments.

Casting a solution

Continuous casters present one of the most extreme environments for bearings. We recognize the challenges of this high-capacity, high-heat application, and knows that every bearing – from the ladle turret through the bender to the discharge table – must be delivered as designed.

Forging the Future of Steelmaking

Our custom bearing solutions and our knowledge of the industry align well with performance expectations from the world’s steelmakers as they push for even greater operational efficiency and reliability, in both new installations and on existing mills.

Industry Benefits

Problem Solving

Whether you are currently using a product that doesn’t seem to be performing as well as you expect, or you are uncertain about how we can help you optimise your plant, we can assist you.


Safety is the foundation of any successful steel plant. Although the systems are designed with a a high degree of maturity, unforeseen problems are constantly encountered, necessitating the design of more efficient and reliable systems based on novel technologies. We can help!


Parts become worn or damaged over time. With an experience of over 40 years in the industry we have in stock most parts you may need to ensure maximum uptime improving your bottom line.